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How much art do you want each month?

  • Knick-knacks

    Every month
    Need a tiny thing to look forward to?
    • A small item each month, just enough
    • Pendant, earrings, bookmark, Christmas ornament, surprises!
  • Mug Club

    Every month
    Coffee lover? Order this!
    Valid for 6 months
    • A mug each month!
  • Best Value

    Something random!

    Every month
    Just want to let me pick? YAY!!!!!
    • I will send you something random and fun every month!!!!
    • Value will vary, but you will get some of my best work here
  • SSDGM!!!!

    Every month
    Stay Sexy!
    • Every month you get another MFM themed piece.
Monthly Clay Date: PaidPlans
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