Look, here's the thing. There's this podcast, it's called "My Favorite Murder," and it's darkly hilarious. No, murder isn't funny, but the hosts are. And apparently there's a whole lot of us who laugh at innapropriate things. So this is what we listen to in the studio. And now we made a plate for all the Murderinos that need one. 


Hey, Georgia and Karen, thanks for creating a thing where all these weird people can come together. 


Oh, and 10% of sales of all SSDGM stuff goes to End the Back Log. Because if MFM is gonna be generous with the use of their stuff, the least we can do is put some of it towards their favorite charity.

SSDGM on Bloodstains

  • Dishwasher safe, fun to hang out with, this plate will change your life and make you a better person. Or at least a person who strives to not get murdered. Honestly, the sexy part is up to you.



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