Laura here. Back in high school, I was voted for something in the senior superlatives that I can't remember. Or that I can't say because at some point my mother will read this.


One night while talking to my brother, we were trying to think of things to put on a stamp one night, and the Senior Superlative Line became a reality.


Have a dinner party, give all your guests the appropriate plate or bowl. Or, buy yourself a set of dishes that you aspire to. Or fear. Whatever, we are all most likely to do something interesting, you just have to remember what it is.


Most likely to go with the flow? Sure, if you're Bruce Lee and you can blow stuff up like the Bomb Girl. 

Most Likely to Go with the Flow

  • Dishwasher safe, fun to hang out with, this plate will change your life and make you a better person. Or at least a person who owns a plate with Bruce Lee, a Banksy stencil, AND a senior superlative! What better way to eat your vegetables?



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