What did we hear at the bus stop today?

So we have a window next to the bus stop. We figured one of the most interesting things about us is what we hear at the bus stop each day.

  • Laura Davis

A woman ran past the window

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

So she ran past the window at full speed.

Wait, let me back up. First there was an ambulance parked in front of the neighbor to the north (neighbor to the north is residential over retail, more on that some day). THEN a woman ran past the window at full speed. Apparently I did not notice it at all, as I was ringing up a customer and we are mid way through remodeling so.....point is, it was already a shit show inside the store.

Still ringing up the customer, I look up to see a police officer at my door, then he backs up and starts walking south. A woman is walking with him. Apparently, he went in the direction of the woman that I didn't notice (in my defense, the customer wondered what the difference was between Kona Feldspar and Custer Feldspar, so there was a rabbit hole I went down). I asked Emily to come finish the sale so I could see what was happening.

Police officer (CPD) gets to the store of the business to the south (a beauty supply), opens the door and a very unhappy woman comes tumbling out yelling at the woman with CPD "Angie, why you do me like that? WHY?"

We do not know why Angie did her like that, but as the woman was being cuffed for what looked like her own protection, her friend hugged and told her she loved her and she was sorry. So that was today at the bus stop.




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